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Experience What Makes Sesame Seed Restaurant a Favorite Among Danbury Locals

What a treasure Sesame Seed Restaurant is. From the food to the atmosphere, this local favorite...

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Fresh Air and Sunshine Await at Bear Mountain Reservation

Many people don’t realize that Danbury features more than 1600 acres of parks and other open...

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Fall Treats to Bake in November

Sweet potato, pumpkin, apple—these are a few of the ingredients that flourish in the fall, so it...

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Fall Festivities Await at Warrup’s Farm

The pumpkins are ready! The pumpkins are ready! It’s fall harvest time at Warrup’s Farm in...

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Connect With Fellow Hobbyists at the Danbury Hobby Center

All of this stay-at-home time may have you going a bit stir crazy, and the cold Connecticut winter...

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