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Planning your Valentine’s Day in Danbury

Get ready, lovebirds – Valentine’s Day is right around the corner on Wed., Feb. 14 and the clock is ticking to get your dinner reservations booked and your flowers ordered. Luckily, however, here in Danbury we have no shortage of either for our Willow Grove residents.


Finding Your Flowers

While Stew Leonard’s or any local grocery store will have tons of bouquets waiting for you to grab, for something a little more special for your sweetheart try Driscoll’s, just down the road from Willow Grove. With tons of already designed options on their website, especially for Valentine’s Day, they take the work out of it for you. They’ll even deliver right to your door! For a more personal touch, give them a call have one of their florists design something specifically for your valentine.



8 Mill Plain Road Unit 4

Danbury, CT 06811


Reserving Your Restaurant

The Italians are known for their romance, and it’s no surprise that Italian food is one of the most popular choices for diners on Valentine’s Day. One of our favorites by Willow Grove is Terra Restaurant. With a big, beautiful modern interior adorned with large windows, they turn on the romance at night by dimming the lights and striking up the candles. It’s a great date night atmosphere and brings that NYC chic vibe right to your Danbury doorstep.


Terra Restaurant

15 Milestone Rd
Danbury, CT 06810