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Can You Beat the Clock at Escape 101?

Want to test your mental mettle? Then it’s time to book a room at Escape 101. This escape room attraction on Kenosia Avenue is perfect for anyone who has 60 minutes and a love for puzzles.

Escape 101 has four rooms to choose from. Victim No. 7 is about escaping a captor. Jet Set is about a trip to a mystery destination. Doomsday is about preventing the end of the world. And Ice Cream Truck is a playful switch from the typically suspenseful nature of escape room games. There are multiple ways to play each of these interesting storylines. You can have an allotment of three clues to use whenever you like. Alternately, you can have your game master offer further hints after your three have been used. If neither of those appeals to you, you can always let your game master offer unlimited clues. Whichever way you choose, you’re bound to have a good time. 

You can follow the schedule to book your reservation, or you can work with the staff to create a custom scheduled game.