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What’s Your Go-To Order at Barrister’s Coffee Co?

Looking for a spot to hang out and enjoy a cup o’ joe with friends? Barrister’s Coffee Co. on West Street is the perfect spot. Open just over a year now, their friendly service and strong, tasty beverages have more and more locals making this their go-to spot for a morning coffee or a lunch date. The cozy seating is perfect for staying a while, they even have desk space if you work remotely and want to take your work day to a new location while sipping on a warm vanilla latte.

If you’re there for lunch, grab the spinach, kale and garlic pizza bagel and the ice tea lemonade for instant satisfaction. They also serve breakfast all day if a breakfast sandwich on a bagel or freshly baked croissant is more your style. Bagels are brought in daily from the city, so you truly can’t go wrong no matter what you decide on!