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Expect All-Day Breakfasts at Uncle G’s Comfort Food

You have an early morning tomorrow, followed by an especially long day. The last thing you would expect to be doing first thing is heading to The Home Depot parking lot, but that’s where you’ll find Uncle G’s Comfort Food. This pop-up trailer opens extra early—at 6 a.m.—and has the kind of food that is going to fill you up and keep you satisfied no matter what the day throws at you. 

Breakfast is served all day, including egg sandwiches, hefty burritos, and the contractor special with your choice of meat. Once lunchtime rolls around, Uncle G’s has more hearty options to keep you going.  All-beef hot dogs with the works, mile-high sandwiches, and award-winning chili really hit the spot during this brutal Connecticut winter. The full menu is larger than you’d expect, with dozens of options to choose from.

Find Uncle G’s Comfort Food at The Home Depot on Federal Road. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.