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Expect Bargain-Priced Groceries at Aldi

What would you do without your local Aldi? You’d be spending a lot more for groceries, that’s for sure. Aldi has simply unbeatable prices in every area of the store, from produce and dairy, to packaged goods that you won’t find elsewhere. Cereal for less than $2 a box. Frozen seafood for a couple of dollars a pound. Those aren’t specials – just everyday prices at Aldi. Choose from name-brand goods or Aldi brands like Little Journeys, Appleton Farms, Pueblo Lindo, and Simply Nature. Aldi has your grocery staples, plus seasonal buyouts that are often too good to pass up.

Plus, because Aldi is such a large chain, the response to the COVID-19 crisis has been swift and significant. The store was quick to implement additional cleaning practices, one-way aisles, and employee safeguards. And services like curbside pick-up and delivery via Instacart are just one more way that you can shop safer. Find the nearest Aldi on Newtown Road in the Plumtree Plaza Shopping Center.